Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Old!

My 9 year old daughter is working on a word problem in her math book. She asks me, "What's an encyclopedia?" I laughed before explaining.

She asked me if she had pronounced it correctly, since I had laughed. I told her she did pronounce it correctly, but I was laughing because she didn't know what it was!

Then I told her that when I was a kid, if we wanted information about a subject, I went to an encyclopedia, not the internet, since we didn't have that yet.

She looked at me with a bit of  a sad look in her eyes, and said, "You poor thing." And I laughed harder.

She just can't fathom a life without the conveniences she is used to.

And here's another one...we were watching Fireproof on TV the other day. In the scene where Kirk Cameron smashes his computer, Ruthi was confused. She sees him smash the monitor, and then he puts the CPU tower in place to be smashed. When she sees it, she asks, "What is THAT?"

We ALL busted out laughing. It never occurred to me before that since she's been alive, we've only had laptops, so she wouldn't have a clue what that was! Now, her Poppy does still have a tower, but it's in a cabinet in his desk, so I guess she's never paid attention to it before.

Yes...this child is beginning to make me feel a bit OLD!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bathroom Makeover - Tiny Little Sneak Peak

Well, I'm not off to the start I planned to be with this blog! Already slacking!

I've actually been tossing several posts around in my head, but sometimes I get a little bit crazy in my head and have TOO many ideas, which then prevent me from doing anything at all! It's a bit nuts!

This will be short and sweet (for me, anyway), but if I don't post SOMETHING, this brand new blog is going to suffer the same fate as my old one! So, here's something from today.

I have been wanting to do a makeover in the kid's/guest bathroom for more than a couple years now. I get bored with rooms easily and like to change them up. This one was MANY years overdue. The holdup though...many years ago, I decided to texturize the walls!

I thought it was a good idea at the time, and loved it for many years. But when I got tired of it, I knew it was going to be a NIGHTMARE to sand those walls! So I put it off.

I finally decided I really needed a change, and then spent over a year trying to decide on a color scheme and what I wanted to do.

I started gradually buying a few things and then started trying to the bathroom ready to work on. The sanding was WORSE than I thought it would be. My amazing son ended up taking over and doing most of it for me. I am FOREVER grateful!

My house was COVERED in dust after that...and I mean COVERED! Definite nightmare!

And we only sanded three feet down from the top...I decided really quickly that there was no way I was going to sand from top to bottom. Nope...wonderful bead board is going to be on the bottom 5 feet of wall!

Anyway...we had BEAUTIFUL weather yesterday and today, after our crazy ice-a-paloozas 1 & 2!

So I took advantage of the warm sunny skies and did a little spray painting today. A while back I found this over-the-toilet rack at a yard sale for $5. I snatched it up because the cabinet that had been over my toilet had the door break off of it and I knew I wanted something different there.

However, the color was BORING and just would not work for this bathroom. So...several coats of spray paint later, and here is the first peak of one of the colors for the bathroom! Yes...it is BRIGHT! And I love it!

Stay tuned for the rest!

Until next time...

Friday, January 31, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Ruthi did!

The snow came down on Tuesday...too powdery to do anything with.

On Wednesday, there was plenty of ice to slide down and have fun, but the snow was still too powdery to build a snowman.

Thursday, she went out with her Daddy with grand hopes that this would be the day to build a snowman.

No dice. Still too powdery.

But TODAY...she was determined...would be a snowman day.

And it was!

Granted, most of the snow was gone by now, but what was left was perfect for sticking together.

Unfortunately, that meant all the leaves and dirt stuck too. So, it's a dirty little snowman.

But I must say, for her first attempt, and ALL BY HERSELF, (and the dirty snow) she did a FANTASTIC job!

She "carved" the eyes and mouth, so they aren't showing up very well in the picture. She originally had a leaf for the nose, so I gave her a carrot. Maybe I should have offered her something for the eyes as well. But she was quite proud of it, and that's all that matters!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day!

Snow days are few and far between in Georgia. And most of the time, it's much more ice than snow.

We did get a LOT of ice this time...so much that everything shut down and people were stranded all over the place. It was a nightmare! I know some (including my own parents) who spent HOURS to get home that would normally take 30 minutes to under an hour. I'm talking 6 hours or more!

There were people stuck in their cars, people spending the night at gas stations, and kids stuck at school.

Chip was at the fire station on Tuesday when it all began, and it was pretty much a madhouse kind of day for him. He was almost delirious when he got home on Wednesday. It took him much longer to get home than usual, but thankfully there wasn't as much traffic out anymore, so it wasn't too bad. (Except for the idiotic drivers he did encounter...he just had to be patient as they spun their wheels and finally got out of his way.)

CJ tried to come home from work just after everything started to get bad. He realized he wasn't going to get anywhere fast, so he just left the car at work and ran home. It's a good thing he works less than a half a mile from home!

The south is NOT prepared for this. And it is not fun!

BUT, a day of no school made a certain little girl VERY happy! We have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so to find out she didn't have to get up early to leave for class on Wednesday put a BIG smile on her face! And I let her fully enjoy the day with no school work at all.

The nice thing about the snow this time, is we actually got snow we could play in! Yes, we got a lot of ice, but it didn't ruin the snow! We all too often get some "white stuff" but it's all icy and no fun to play in. So we had as much fun as we could in the frigid cold!

I know it wasn't as cold here as it gets up north, but we are NOT used to single-digit temps either. We don't really have the proper winter gear, because it is rarely needed. And we got COLD out there!

But we had fun...and that's all that matters.

Here are a couple more pictures and a quick little video.

Yes...Ruthi is wearing pajama pants...but under them are her blue jeans and leggings! Pajama pants added a third layer that would FIT over the other two!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Welcome to my new "home!"

I've only just received my "keys," so I'm not fully moved in quite yet. It will take a little while to get everything to look just right! But give me time, and I'll get it all spiffed up! I need to learn a few new things, or else be willing to pay someone to help with some decorating touches. Either way, it will be a little bit before I have it all the way I want it. 

But I thought I'd just go on and jump right in!

I used to blog over at Chronicles of a Night Owl. After a few years, I began to blog less and less, and then...not at all. Life just seemed far too busy to sit down and type up my thoughts. And even when I had time, I couldn't seem to get my thoughts together!

I realized I had started to miss blogging a little while back. I checked in on my blogs (I have a craft/business blog as well), and to my horror, they were all out of sorts! It looked as if someone had broken in and ransacked them! 

I couldn't figure out what happened. I could still access my dashboard, but I couldn't make any changes. So I frantically went through EVERYTHING and saved it all to a Word document so I wouldn't lose all my stories and thoughts. 

Then I did nothing. I just left them. Abandoned.

I went back again, and was even more surprised to find that my blogs were no where to be found...vanished. But I could still access my dashboard. I was very confused.

I still did nothing. 

Then, last week, I got to thinking, and knew there HAD to be a reasonable explanation. Long story short, I figured it all out and "saved" my blogs, made the necessary repairs, and got them back in working order.

However, for some reason, Chronicles of a Night Owl didn't really feel like home anymore. Even though I'm still a night owl, there are so many other things that describe me better now days. And since I couldn't pick just one, I decided to go with Jennifer's Little Corner, (had to throw in "little" there, because Jennifer's Corner was already taken) so it doesn't limit me at all. This name should fit me from here on, no matter what I decide to blog about!

I considered just staying there and completely remodeling...new name and all. But I determined that it would be much easier to start fresh...in a brand new home!

So here I am, and now you know how I got here. Hopefully I won't leave this home unattended much, but fill it with love and laughter! 

Until next time...